‘Terrible partisan politicking’ seen over Melbourne floods

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Greens Leader Adam Bandt’s social media post urging the government to “tackle the climate crisis” during the Melbourne floods is “shameful dross”.

“What terrible partisan politicking on the back of very real human trauma,” he said.

“Somehow, if you adopt Bandt’s illogical political policies, you won’t see floods anymore, we’ll all be living in a hermetically controlled weather pattern like The Truman Show.”

Mr Kenny said such an approach was “dumb and insulting” and “designed to shape the opinions of people who have memories the size of a Tweet”.

“We’ll see floods and droughts again, no matter what Adam Bandt says or does,” he said.

“If only the Greens had been around for Noah, instead of building an ark, he could’ve just shut down his coal-fired generation.”

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