Methane cuts part of a ‘creeping agenda’

The government’s pledge to reduce methane emissions comes with a “creeping agenda”, Shadow Veterans’ Affairs Minister Barnaby Joyce says.

Ahead of the November COP27 summit in Egypt, the government is set to pledge a 30 per cent reduction in methane emissions over the decade.

“Pledges get backed up with enforcement,” Mr Joyce told Sky News Australia.

“It starts as a pledge, then it’s a promise, then it’s legislation, then a caveat comes on how I produce and how others produce beef.

“We’ve got a protein deficit in the world, we don’t have enough food to feed the people, we shouldn’t be reducing the amount of food because it comes out of the stack.

“Is that the pledge? We’re pledging to make people hungry, we’re pledging to reduce the amount of food in the world.”

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