‘Confident’ from ‘agriculture perspective’: Methane reduction pledge

National Farmers Federation Chief Executive Tony Mahar says they’re “confident’ from an “agriculture perspective” that they’re “heading in the right direction” over the government possibly committing to reduce Australia’s methane emissions.

“We’ve been talking to government very closely on commitments around a methane pledge and we recall that the methane pledge is an aspirational target to reduce methane,” Mr Mahar told Sky News Australia.

“Obviously agriculture sector one of the large emitters from the methane perspective but from a farming sector what we want to do is continue to produce the magnificent food and fibre that farmers right across this country produce.”

Mr Mahar says in talking to the government they’ve “been ensuring us” any commitment around the aspirational pledge “won’t restrict farmers from doing what they do best” and “that’s raising livestock and producing crops”.

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