Blake Johnston, 40, breaks world record for surfing more than 30 hours straight to raise funds for mental health after dad’s death

Sydney man Blake Johnston has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous surfing session – but it’s not over yet.

The 40-year-old former pro surfer on Friday morning just after 7:10am eclipsed the previous time of 30 hours and 11 minutes set by South Africa’s Josh Elsin back in 2016.

He had entered the water at Cronulla, in the city’s south, on Thursday at 1pm in a bid to raise $250,000 for mental health after he lost his dad 10 years ago.

Dozens of locals, including family and friends, gathered at the beach as the sun rose to watch the father-of-two break the record.

A countdown was initiated as he passed the previous time, with the crowd heard cheering loudly and applauding his stunning achievement.

Mr Johnston emerged from the water briefly to answer questions from the media about how he was feeling after the marathon session.

“Pretty good,” the man of few words said, adding he felt “pretty cooked”.

“I still have a job to do. I will go and give it a crack. It is awesome. Thank you. I can’t talk. Thanks, everyone. You’re the best.”

The father-of-two will continue surfing till at least late Friday afternoon or into the evening to reach his personal goal of 40 hours.

He has been receiving medical checks every hour.

This is a developing story. MORE TO COME.

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