Why is OPEC+ cutting oil production?


The OPEC+ alliance of oil-exporting countries has announced reducing oil production by 2 million barrels per day, one of its largest supply cuts since the coronavirus pandemic. The decision comes at a time when many countries are grappling with soaring energy prices-fuelled inflation.

So what is behind the new decision of OPEC+ to reduce oil production, and what could that mean for consumers?

In this episode:

  • Nikolay Kozhanov (@KozhanovNikolay), Research associate professor at Qatar University

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This episode was produced by Salim Alyafei and the research was done by intern Nada Shakir. Sami Zeidan is the host of the episode, with Aya Elmileik as lead engagement producer and Munera AlDosari as assistant engagement producer. Omar al-Saleh is the executive producer and Ney Alvarez is the head of audio. 

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