Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro: A Gaming Phone With Lots of Style – Video

Speaker 1: The Asus, r O g Phone six Pro is a beast of a gaming phone. It costs $1,300, but inside has 18 gigs of Ram and 512 gigs of storage space. The screen has a 165 hertz refresh rate making games, and even just browsing crazy, crazy smooth. The screen also has a seven and 20 hertz touch sampling rate, which revolves around how fast actions take place when you’re tapping on the screen. This is pretty on par with other gaming [00:00:30] phones I’ve seen, which prioritize being able to do that shooting really quickly or make your character move extremely fast. Gaming phones do have some compromises though, and even though the design on this phone is sick, the uh, front facing camera is in the bezel up here, as opposed to being a display cutout in the screen. This can be particularly good for gamers because you get the whole screen for gaming, but it’s worth noting since other Android phones and especially in this price range, typically put the camera inside in order to keep the bezel slim.

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