The best Tarot deck for your zodiac sign

What do the cards have to say?

Whether or not you’ve ever had your Tarot cards read, you’ve probably at least heard of them at some point in time. Tarot cards are a fascinating tool for unlocking cosmic wisdom about questions that burn within the depths of our hearts, minds and souls. Whether you’ve had yours read at a party, event or chill night with friends, the Tarot is a complex and profound tool for incredible self-reflection.

While some people consider Tarot to be used best as a psychological tool — helping us to see the world through symbols, archetypes, characters and stories — others consider it to be a powerful divinatory medium. The most common Tarot decks to this day are the ones based on the Rider-Waite version, but many others have proliferated into unique and wild territory with their own vast and diverse meanings.

To understand the vast world of Tarot decks and cards, The Post spoke exclusively with Intuitive Tarot Card Reader and Artist Robin De Lano. We put our heads together to create the definitive list of best Tarot decks by zodiac sign. Follow Robin De Lano for everything Tarot!

Find out which Tarot deck is the best for your zodiac sign!

Tarot will ignite an Aries with passion.

Bring on the impulsive, bold and excitable colors of the Red Lachesis Major Arcana Tarot deck for Aries! Just as this Fire sign is quick-witted, this deck doesn’t beat around the bush…who needs to bother with the minor Arcana anyway? You need clarity and you need it now! These beautiful prints will guide your messages directly to the answers you desire. Your intuition has no choice but to work for you. Let’s get going: you have questions that need answering!

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): Crystal Tarot

Tarot deck
A Taurus can ground themselves by using Tarot.

Beautiful, deep and practical, the Crystal Tarot will resonate with Taurus, a zodiac sign ruled by the planet, Venus. It has profound earthy-toned colors, which are skillfully drawn and will satisfy your tasteful eye. With great detail, these cards will guide your intuition to deep and gentle messages. It will leave your spirit settled and ready to take on any question your affectionate heart desires!

Tarot deck
Tarot will peak a Gemini’s curiosity.

With it’s airy and whimsical drawings, the Tarot of Mystical Moments will appeal to your lively Gemini spirit! The colorful, but mutable tones — appealing to your heart and your mind — will ignite your intuition, revving up your soul to communicate with the outer realms. You will spend hours interpreting these highly designed cards and bring well-thought-out messages to your life.

Tarot deck
Tarot will inspire a Cancer’s heart.

With its fun and colorful prints, the Rainbow Heart Tarot Cards will call to your sensitive and magnetic heart, Cancer. Ruled by the moon, your deep soul will be drawn into the deck’s gorgeous colors as it pulls your intuition out of hiding. Familiar guidance from your higher power will help you to deliver and receive intuitive communication from these glorious cards.

Tarot decks
Tarot will unlock a Leo’s creative spirit.

Powerful, extravagant and expansive, these Nefertari Egyptian Tarot cards will definitely catch your creative eye, Leo! There’s no escaping the power of the ancient Egyptians — or the powerful intuition your zodiac sign can garner when you use these bad boys to deliver your enthusiastic messages. Take in the power of the sun, your ruling planet, and let the golden glory of these cards wash over your soul. They will guide you to the most accurate of messages.

Tarot decks
Tarot will help a Virgo get in touch with the universe.

Everyone needs a good Virgo deck in their lives! Reserved, practical and industrious, these easily digestible cards will guide your intuition straight toward the answer your zodiac sign desires. Your spirit will connect with the simple lines, calming your nervous system and guiding your intuition to bring forth clear and concise messages.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 22): Klimt Tarot

Tarot decks
Tarot will encourage a Libra to live in the moment.

A beautiful deck with images from Gustav Klimt is more than fitting for you, Libra. His most famous painting of two lovers, “The Kiss,” resonates with your soul, which always values truth and partnership. These beautifully printed images will bring forth easy-going, and peace- filled readings to both yourself, and your sitter. With your natural and charming spirit, your messages will be infused with balance, harmony, love and may ignite invitations to every tarot party in town!

Tarot decks
Tarot will help a Scorpio focus their passion.
Tarot Arts

The colorful, fluid lines of the Mystical Dream Tarot will appeal to your watery and intense energy, Scorpio. Your secretive and subtly emotional heart can’t help but be transported to the Tarot dimension by its deep colors and dramatic movements! Close your eyes, wander into your mystical soul and let the deck speak to you as you pull your cards.

Tarot readings
Tarot readings aid a Sagittarius in looking outside of the box.

With your energetic, freedom-seeking soul, the Bright Future Tarot Deck will lend itself perfectly to your adventurous spirit, Sagittarius. The colors feel especially designed for your dynamic and abundant personality! With these cards, your expansive heart will provide you or your querent with guidance and optimism as you head off on your next endeavor!

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19): The Wild Root Tarot

Capricorns will find Tarot helpful in guiding them.
Tarot Arts

With its warm and solid images, the Wild Root Tarot embodies your Capricorn heart perfectly. Its steady, sure-footed images will guide your intuition, taking your heart through the powerful seasons of nature. The comforting colors of wildlife and earthy prints will draw in your spirit as you channel messages through these grounded cards.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18): The Urban Tarot

An Aquarius will feel empowered by using Tarot.
Robin Scott

Our friendly, independent, water bearer will be drawn to this inventive, original Urban Tarot Card deck. Its electric images will give your analytical side plenty to marinate on while guiding your intuition towards firm but free-flowing messages, Aquarius. This deck will empower your instinctive channel, helping bring forth information regarding hope, dreams and visions for you and for the world!

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20): The Mermaid Tarot

Pisces will unlock their intuition using Tarot.
Leeza Robertson & ulie Dillon

Deeply romantic and magical, the Mermaid Tarot deck will facilitate all your psychic dreams, Pisces. With its cool receptive colors and mysterious images, your intuition will plunge into new mystical depths. Let your receptive and iridescent soul surrender to the decks of shades of blue, allowing your higher self to share compassionate and clairvoyant messages.

Special thanks to Robin De Lano for collaborating with me on this article!

Follow Intuitive Tarot Card Reader and Artist Robin De Lano

Los Angeles native Robin De Lano is a self-taught, intuitive tarot card reader.  After being gifted a Rider Waite Tarot deck as a teenager, she grew obsessed with learning how to predict outcomes and offer messages.

It wasn’t until she was in college when a rare opportunity presented itself: a friend was going through a break-up and needed guidance. Robin offered up a reading in hopes to comfort her friend during the painful spilt. She delivered a reading so accurate her friend was amazed and began referring Robin to others. This snow balled and before she knew it, Robin was hired for parties, events and also garnered quite a list of private clients.

Though Tarot reading has grown into an important role in Robin’s life, so has her love of music and theater. Throughout the years, Robin has been seen all over the world singing her heart out on-stage, all the while, offering Tarot card guidance to her co-workers off stage.

Robin is continually practicing her Tarot card gifts and sharpening her clairvoyance. She believes every Tarot deck holds it own special magic — that the cards are not the decider of your fate, but act as a guide towards your soul’s truth and destiny!

Robin De Lano
Meet Intuitive Tarot Reader and Artist Robin De Lano. @RockinRobinTarot
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