October 2022 horoscopes: Sex and drama await your zodiac sign

Get ready for a month that could feel like a hurricane!

As we enter October, we’ll be feeling cosmic storms thundering in the heavens. Eclipse season is once again upon us—the period of the year that brings dramatic shifts in our fate as destiny beckons us forth.

Expect to notice an almost electrical crackle in the autumn air as the nights grow longer and the atmosphere feels darker. Major beginnings, endings, turning points and culminations will manifest before your very eyes. Keep your antennae up and see what the universe has in store by checking your daily horoscopes!

Luckily, Mercury retrograde comes to an end this month on October 2 and will regain his full speed by October 16. This ensures that you have a window in time to launch projects, make commitments, “go official” or sign contracts now—but do so before Mars turns retrograde on October 30. After this, the entire year is littered with challenges, exhaustion and frustration. Seize the days quickly otherwise things will not feel “better” until nearly spring 2023. I send my best to you—no matter where you are on Earth. You can, and will, persevere through this storm.

Learn what your astrology has in store for the month to come! Follow me for daily insight or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now!

October 2022 horoscopes reveal we are once again within eclipse season.
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October will most certainly be a bumpy road for you, Aries. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends on the 2nd, so life should pick up after this. The most important lunation of the year—a full moon in your zodiac sign—arrives on October 9. This will put you front and center and likely bring you the opportunity to step into your power and show the world what you desire. Yet, a destined turning point arrives near October 25. A solar eclipse will bring a fresh start and new journey to your sector of intimacy, sexuality, investments and assets. On one hand, you could be finalizing a settlement or growing closer with your one and only—or else going your separate ways. A shift around large financial matters could also be seen. However, the month ends with some rather troubling news as your planetary ruler, Mars, turns retrograde on the 30th in your communication sector. Expect delays, challenges and roadblocks around writing, speaking, advertising or contractual matters for months to come.


October will bring new opportunities and challenges before you, Taurus. Mercury will finally awaken on the 2nd—the one good piece of news working in your favor. Expect life to start to pick up speed after then. A full moon in your sector of rest and hidden matters arrives on the 10th, which will likely cause you to feel a bit burnt out and need to lie low, rest and recharge. You may also be polishing off a big project that has been in development behind-the-scenes. Next, one of the most important periods of the year arrives near the 25th, which is a solar eclipse in your partnership zone. This ensures that a destined new beginning around relationships is here, such as a decision to move in, get engaged or even be wed. If single, you could meet a soulmate connection who ends up being a long-term partner. If for some reason you are to separate, it means you are being redirected to someone else. Last, the month ends with the arrival of Mars retrograde in your financial sphere. Expect delays, frustrations and challenges around money, income or your job for months ahead.


Rocky roads lie ahead for you, Gemini. Luckily, your planetary ruler, Mercury, awakens on the 2nd and will slowly pick up speed. A full moon in your fulfillment zone appears on the 9th, which could bring a euphoric moment around your social life or friendships. A greatly held hope or aspiration could also be within reach. Next, a solar eclipse in your employment and routines sector arrives on the 25th. A big shift around work, fitness or diet may suddenly be presented. Seize the days after this to build a healthier work-life balance. If out of work or looking for a new job, you may find the perfect one. Yet, the month comes to a close with some especially difficult news. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, sex and war, will retrograde in your zodiac sign. This means that you could feel extremely exhausted and disoriented for months to come, as if everything you pursue is hitting thorns, roadblocks and snags. Know that this is a karmic lessen in patience, kindness and resilience.


Prepare for a rather peculiar and stormy month, Cancer. The one good thing you’ll have going for you, though, is the fact that Mercury will rise from his slumber on the 2nd, helping matters of life to finally get back on track. The full moon on the 9th will lift your name in lights as it roars within your achievements sector. A promotion, new job offer, favorable publicity or prized recognition could be at hand. Next, a solar eclipse in your passion zone electrifies your life beginning the 25th. A destined event around romance, fertility or creativity could appear. If single, you may meet a soulmate connection. If committed, you could reignite your spark, make newfound promises, spend time with your children or even decide to have one together. If an artist, you may now receive divine inspiration or debut a meaningful project to applause. Last, as the month comes to a close, Mars will retrograde in your sector of karma, privacy and mental health. This ensures you’ll feel absolutely exhausted in the months to come and may be dealing with baggage and closure from your past. If hidden enemies start to rise up against you, do your best to damage control and protect yourself in the months ahead.

October 2022 horoscopes
October 2022 horoscopes reveal a highly volatile month.
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October will bring twists and turns for you, Leo. Mercury will shake off his retrograde phase beginning October 2, helping life to start moving forward right along. A full moon in your expansion zone sizzles in the night of the 9th, which could bring a culmination or turning point for you around international travel or business, or an academic, legal or media endeavor. Next up is a solar eclipse in your domestic sphere, which will bring a new chapter for you around family, home or real estate matters. Expect to see sudden changes and opportunities. Last, the month comes to a close when Mars turns retrograde beginning the 30th. This phase will bring friction and challenges to your social life and friendships. Also, a big hope or dream that you felt was just about to be within reach may spiral off the rails, growing distant in the months to come.


Take a deep breath, Virgo. October is packing a punch! First, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will yawn and shake off his slumber beginning the 2nd. This is an excellent omen that things should start tipping in your favor after this point in time. A full moon takes your attention next near the 9th. This will highlight your intimacy, investments and assets arena, which could bring a turning point in a relationship or financial prospect. Next, a solar eclipse in your communication and travel sector appears on the 25th. This may bring you the opportunity to begin working on a milestone writing, speaking, advertising or intellectual project. Others may notice that short distance travel becomes very important in the months ahead. Last, the most troubling news of all arrives, though, with mighty Mars beginning a retrograde on the 30th. This reveals that you will suddenly notice obstacles and roadblocks in your career and important projects you had been building may suddenly slow to a halt. Do not launch anything of importance or start a new job until 2023 because if you do, it’ll be riddled with drama or failure.


Go with the flow as much as possible in October, Libra. Luckily, with the sun, Venus and Mercury in your zodiac sign for most of the month, you’ll have much of the heavens working in your favor. Mercury will awaken on the 2nd, bringing less confusion and delays in the weeks ahead. It’s also birthday season for you, so be sure to strike while it’s hot and move toward your most important goals. A full moon in your partnership zone arrives on the 9th, bringing a turning point in a relationship. Union, engagement or marriage could be signaled—or instead a break-up, instead. Singles should look for someone with long-term potential. Next, a solar eclipse in your financial zone arrives on the 25th, likely bringing a big shift around your wealth. A promotion, new job or lucrative client could appear—but you could have to sacrifice something for it. Last, a Mars retrograde cycle arrives beginning on the 30th. This means you may feel that the universe is a bit held against you in the months ahead, especially if you’ve been pursuing travelling, academics, media or legal plans intensely.


A rather tumultuous month lies ahead, Scorpio. Luckily, mental Mercury regains his composure after the 2nd, turning to direct motion. A full moon in your productivity sector arrives on the 9th, likely helping you to polish off a big project for your employer. Some of you may even be leaving one job to move to another. If something health related pops up, be sure to handle it quickly. Next up, the most important point in the year arrives: a solar eclipse in your zodiac sign on October 25. A whole new destiny, fresh start and new beginning are all beckoning you forth. Don’t sit back, waiting for your future to create itself. Step forward into this new era of yourself! To end the month, mighty Mars will slow to a halt in your intimacy and investments sector beginning on the 30th. This ensures that big challenges around money, settlements or trust are in store for months to come.

October 2022 horoscopes
Destined beginnings and endings are predicted in October 2022 horoscopes.
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A stormy month crackles like thunder, Sagittarius. Mental Mercury, our trickster planet, will awaken in the sky on the 2nd. This ensures that life will finally pick up the pace once again. A full moon in your passion zone appears on the 9th, bringing a turning point or culmination to you around matters of the heart. Some of you may meet a soulmate, realize you’ve fallen in love or even hear news of a pregnancy. If a creative, you may debut a magical piece of art to widespread applause. Next, a solar eclipse in your rest and mental health arena appears on the 25th, which could open the door to deep healing and cleansing that you’ve prayed for some time for. Karma is also bubbling up to greet you, so expect your past actions to face you once again. Last, Mars will station retrograde across the sky from you in your sector of partnership beginning the 30th. Expect frustrations, conflict and hurdles around all relationship matters for months to come.


A month of trials and tests awaits you, Capricorn. Yet we receive good news on the 2nd—Mercury retrograde is finally over. This will help things to get back on track, especially in regards to your professional life. A full moon in your domestic sphere appears on the 9th, which will bring a turning point around home, family or real estate matters. Some of you may move, renovate or relocate. If an important matter around your parents or kindred presents itself, be sure to step up. Next, a solar eclipse in your fulfillment zone appears on the 25th—blasting a doorway open to you to explore more happiness. This will likely surround you by many friends, your social circle and communities in the months to come. Someone may even enter your life as a platonic soulmate who opens the roads to one of your heartfelt aspirations. Last, a Mars retrograde phase will begin on the 30th, which ensures hardship, challenges and tension around your day job, work responsibilities or even physical health such as fitness or diet for months to come.


October may make you wish to hide beneath your covers, Aquarius. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends on the 2nd and will get things moving once again. A full moon in your communication sector arrives on the 9th, which could have you stepping up to the microphone to declare a writing, speaking, advertising or intellectual project to the world. Others may notice that they’re charging onward into an important or spontaneous short-distance trip. Next, a huge new era in your professional life is upon you as a solar eclipse spotlighting your ambitions appears on the 25th. This could lead you to a new job, promotion, favorable press or some form of public recognition. Others may decide it’s time to change career direction altogether. To end the month, though, dark clouds await. A Mars retrograde begins on the 30th, causing road blocks, conflicts and hurdles around your love life, fertility or children or even creative matters for months to come.


Expect headaches in the month ahead, Pisces. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends on the 2nd, which is the one significant factor working in your favor and could bring a calmer flow to your relationships. A full moon in your financial sphere appears on the 9th, which could bring an increase your way—but also a hefty expense. A raise, new job offer or lucrative client could also appear at this time. Next, a solar eclipse in your expansion zone arrives on the 25th, which could encourage you to soar to new horizons. Some of you may now pursue newfound traveling, immigration, academic, spiritual or media goals. Consider how you can step out of your comfort zone. Last, a Mars retrograde arrives on the 30th, causing tension, stagnation and conflicts for you for months to come. These will all center around family, domestic or real estate concerns. Prepare.

October 2022 horoscopes
October 2022 horoscopes reveal that exes, old flames, and enemies from the past may now be re-emerging once again.
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Predictions from my BFF and world-renowned psychic Calise Simone:

Be prepared to focus on your career as the month begins, you can make great strides during this time.  The predominant energy theme then shifts to nurturing during the second half of the month. Check in on your friends and family to strengthen relationships. 

As the energy of the Spirit world draws near around month’s end, stay aware of the signs! It’s a great time to send a thought out to the Spirit World to help with any personal pursuits.

Confidence is an attractive personality trait and quality in well-balanced relationships. It happens when we fall into love with ourselves first. Then forgive all those who have hurt us (including yourself), and allow yourself to become more playful as you reconnect to hope. This will make you less afraid to love again. You can counter-act the uncertainty surrounding your love life, whether in a relationship or seeking a new one with this simple confidence building formula. Love yourself. Forgive. Playfulness. And Hope.

By the end of the month, a new person will enter your life and a new phase will begin. It will feel intuitive and deeply connected, almost dreamy. If you are already in a relationship, it is time to renew it with more heartfelt connections and romance. Sectarian is a stone of confidence, inspiration and tenacity. Do the self-work and let the good come to you. Reach out directly to me for more insight!

Ever notice relationships have a tendency to smack us up-side-the head with life lessons, showing us why we are here and who we really are? Yeah. Well, The Seven of Wands shows us the energy around our relationships this month is going to push us and our personalities to grow. (And the crowd lets out a less than enthusiastic, ‘yay.’) There may be some challenges this month where you feel like the creative competition is heavier than usual or you need to prove yourself to a superior. A sibling may even chose to push your buttons or your lover may bring up some past hurts that challenge your soul.

Though this sounds like a trudge through mud, you can actually use this energy to your advantage. Dig deep into your self belief, dive into self-improvement, even carve out some non-negotiable boundaries so no one can mess with you!  Whatever it may be this month, the battle is for you! This energy is prepping you for future challenges and will propel you to grow in a way where the opposition will know you’re coming in strong. Use your confidence, skills, knowledge, drive and ambition to step into the ring of life this month. Don’t give up. Stand your ground and victory will be yours!

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